A lot of religions have a vow in the marriage, the vows can be said by the grooms or the celebrator. The celebrant will say only the common words, if you want to get more emotional you must write your vows. But most people like to say your own vows to be more original. The vows are promises that they will take care of and help each other life together. Take your pen and write the things from your heart. Sometimes you can add the bad things you and your partner have, sometimes to be funny, but this is to show that it doesn’t matter. All of us have flaws. Be true in your words. You have to convince yourself that you don’t worry about external things, since you are together you both can face all events. You can be more original. Let’s see 10 tips to write your own vows.

Be early!

Don’t be late. If you and your partner will make your own vows start NOW. Don’t leave to write one week before the wedding. If you start now you can add something during the wedding planning. Sometimes you can add something funny that happens during this time. You can have time to remember all the this that happen to you, your funny moments, sad moments, the moments that you fight each other, and much more.

Your History

Sometimes you can have a blank space in your mind and you can forget what you would like to write. At this moment remember your history since the day that you’ve met each other. You know all of the details of the magic moments that you have with your partner. For sure you and your love will get emotional remembering the precious moment that you both have.

Fall in love

When you start to write your vows think about the reason they make you fall in love with this person. Put on the paper all the characteristics of your love. Who knows, if you add that defects that are so annoying for you, but this is what makes the person unique. These little sayings about your partner will full the vows of love and kindness.

It doesn’t have to be long

Nobody says to you that you have to write a lot of pages for your vows to be pretty and romantic. You must write things that show all of the sincerity of your feelings. Several times a little phrase can show more feelings instead of a text. Remember you must write the things that come from your heart.

Take inspiration

Don’t feel bad to take inspiration from books of texts from the internets. For a lot of us who don’t write, we often need to gain inspiration to gain confidence in starting to write. But be sure that you don’t end up copying someone else’s vows!

The future

You can write things that you want to do with your partner in the future. You can speak about your marital relationship and your own feelings. These aspirations don’t have to be big moments in life, but they can also be small things that are meaningful to you.

Don’t throw your partner under the bus!

You know you want to express all your love in this vow, but take caution on spilling too many secrets about your partner. Remember that you will read all of this in front of your guests, including family and family. Try to avoid spoiling this special day!

Don’t be shy

If you want a magical moment to express all of your love to your partner and show to the people how much you love her/his, this is the time. Leave your heart to be your guide at this moment. You can demonstrate how happy you are to be together with this person and build a family from this moment. Being romantic is not a shame, it’s beautiful and can show that you have a lot of love for the person the will be with you till the end.

A good location to think

If you want to write good words to show all your love, write every idea in the same place. Choose a peaceful place to write. You have to remember a lot of things. If you are among a lot of people you run into a brain block, then try to write in different locations. Perhaps in areas that you spent a lot of time with your significant other.

Practice brings perfection

Don’t forget to practice your vows. On the Big Day, you might be nervous and forget what you are supposed to say, so practicing your vows can help prevent this. Try to do this in front of the mirror one, two, three, or more times. Say them out loud, with the tone and expression that you want to portray

Save your vows!

Write on beautiful paper with your own hands, after that you can put this paper in a frame and hold it onto the wall to remember how your love is big. Before the ceremony ask someone to be responsible for your vows and take it after that.

The vows don’t have a standard full of rules. The possibilities are endless!  This ceremony is about you and your partner. Don’t worry if you aren’t confident in your writing. What matters is that you have your feelings and promises to your partner expressed with your own words.