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Things To Consider For Your Wedding Vows


A lot of religions have a vow in the marriage, the vows can be said by the grooms or the celebrator. The celebrant will say only the common words, if you want to get more emotional you must write your vows. But most people like to say your own vows to be more original. The vows are promises that they will take care of and help each other life together. Take your pen and write the things from your heart. Sometimes you can add the bad things you and your partner have, sometimes to be funny, but this is to show that it doesn’t matter. All of us have flaws. Be true in your words. You have to convince yourself that you don’t worry about external things, since you are together you both can face all events. You can be more original. Let’s see 10 tips to write your own vows.

Be early!

Don’t be late. If you and your partner will make your own vows start NOW. Don’t leave to write one week before the wedding. If you start now you can add something during the wedding planning. Sometimes you can add something funny that happens during this time. You can have time to remember all the this that happen to you, your funny moments, sad moments, the moments that you fight each other, and much more.

Your History

Sometimes you can have a blank space in your mind and you can forget what you would like to write. At this moment remember your history since the day that you’ve met each other. You know all of the details of the magic moments that you have with your partner. For sure you and your love will get emotional remembering the precious moment that you both have.

Fall in love

When you start to write your vows think about the reason they make you fall in love with this person. Put on the paper all the characteristics of your love. Who knows, if you add that defects that are so annoying for you, but this is what makes the person unique. These little sayings about your partner will full the vows of love and kindness.

It doesn’t have to be long

Nobody says to you that you have to write a lot of pages for your vows to be pretty and romantic. You must write things that show all of the sincerity of your feelings. Several times a little phrase can show more feelings instead of a text. Remember you must write the things that come from your heart.

Take inspiration

Don’t feel bad to take inspiration from books of texts from the internets. For a lot of us who don’t write, we often need to gain inspiration to gain confidence in starting to write. But be sure that you don’t end up copying someone else’s vows!

The future

You can write things that you want to do with your partner in the future. You can speak about your marital relationship and your own feelings. These aspirations don’t have to be big moments in life, but they can also be small things that are meaningful to you.

Don’t throw your partner under the bus!

You know you want to express all your love in this vow, but take caution on spilling too many secrets about your partner. Remember that you will read all of this in front of your guests, including family and family. Try to avoid spoiling this special day!

Don’t be shy

If you want a magical moment to express all of your love to your partner and show to the people how much you love her/his, this is the time. Leave your heart to be your guide at this moment. You can demonstrate how happy you are to be together with this person and build a family from this moment. Being romantic is not a shame, it’s beautiful and can show that you have a lot of love for the person the will be with you till the end.

A good location to think

If you want to write good words to show all your love, write every idea in the same place. Choose a peaceful place to write. You have to remember a lot of things. If you are among a lot of people you run into a brain block, then try to write in different locations. Perhaps in areas that you spent a lot of time with your significant other.

Practice brings perfection

Don’t forget to practice your vows. On the Big Day, you might be nervous and forget what you are supposed to say, so practicing your vows can help prevent this. Try to do this in front of the mirror one, two, three, or more times. Say them out loud, with the tone and expression that you want to portray

Save your vows!

Write on beautiful paper with your own hands, after that you can put this paper in a frame and hold it onto the wall to remember how your love is big. Before the ceremony ask someone to be responsible for your vows and take it after that.

The vows don’t have a standard full of rules. The possibilities are endless!  This ceremony is about you and your partner. Don’t worry if you aren’t confident in your writing. What matters is that you have your feelings and promises to your partner expressed with your own words.


More Wedding Planning Tips (2021)

You’ve been together for so many years, and you always dream about the big day, your marriage. This day comes to you, you got a proposal or you propose for someone. Now you want to live in the same home. Put your toothbrush together. After this decision start the all the wedding planning and you both start to do a lot of question, you family start to ask a lot of things too. Do I have money enough? Will I get all of my dreams? Knowing the questionsn we prepared you some tips to your plan your wedding.


You are right, organize a wedding it’s not easy. But not impossible. It has a lot of things to think about, and the budget is the most important. Then let’s talk about it and more.


  1. Do we really want it?

Call your love and talk with him/her about if you both want a big party. Ask him/her if this is really her/his dream. It is important that all the things have to be clear because it involves a lot of time and money. Make a deal about how you both want the party and the budget ceiling. This is the first step to you start without a mess. After you really decided to do the wedding ceremony and party, take a pen and paper, start to do your checklist. Notes everything you need to do. Wedding planner, Site, photographer, guests, bride’s maid, maid of honor, best man, date and time, honeymoon, budget, buffet, create a folder on the computer with all the documents, wedding dress, invitation, and more.


  1. Date of the Big Day

The second step after you decide to have a party is to decide the date of the married. Sometimes you can get some discounts because of the date. It depends on the place that you are. But generally the months January, February, and march are the less expensive months two get married. But if the date is more important than the price you must be prepared to bargain.


  1. Define the budget for everything

Now you’ve decided to make the Big Day, the place and the date. It’s time to decide how much you will spend on each thing. Define where you will spend more money in the buffet, on the dress, on the cake and candies and others. Do some searches about prices then you won’t waste money in the wrong place. Try not to take some extras.


  1. ..venue

The next step is to find a more beautiful place for your wedding. Only after this, you can think about other things. Because when you choose the place you can get a good decoration. It depends on the style. For example, if you choose on the beach, your wedding dress has to be flowier. If you don’t have much money, choose places you don’t need to set up rooms. Places like the backyard can be a good option for a small marriage. If you will do the ceremony and party in different places be sure that they are next to each other.


  1. Guests

This list is so important to do. It depends on the things that you read above. The main thing is the budget. The size can affect directly all the money that you have to spend. Then it is important to how many people you will invite. If you need, you can take out the guests that are more distant. The most important thing is saving your life from debts. You don’t want to start a new phase of your life with debts!


  1. The gift list

Don’t get embarrassed to do the list of gifts. It is important to you think about it because your guests are waiting to give you gifts. Try to do a big list with cheap and expensive kinds of stuff. It is so important to prepare this list early and send it to your guests. Because they can prepare themselves to buy you a gift.


  1. The wedding planner

During your planning, this person will help you a lot. On the day of the wedding, it will be so important to have a wedding planner. You can avoid a lot of problems. If you don’t have money to hire this person during the planning, you can try t ask for your Maid of honor as she can help you in the organization of the wedding.


  1. Wedding Caterer

If you hire a wedding planner she/he can help you with this matter. There are many providers that offer this service and many of them offer a price per head. This can get quite expensive if you have a lot of guests, so be sure to take this into account. Also note if your guests have any allergies to ensure that there won’t be any accidents during your special day!


  1. Choosing the Attire and the bride’s day

Now you have all details about the site, date, decoration, buffet. It’s time to choose your dress. If it is winter think about warm fabrics and scarves. If it is summer prefer short sleeves. Or find the attire that is appropriate for the place that you choose. Don’t forget to contact the people that will help you with makeup and getting the dress.


  1. Photographer

This is one of the most important services. The photographer can help capture those special moments between you and your partner. You can look for recommendations from family or friends, or search for a local photographer that can fit your budget. Most photographers have wedding packages you can consider, making it easier for you to decide what you might want to do.


  1. Honey Moon

It’s time to get rest. If you chose some good deals for the marriage, and have extra money, you can think about the honeymoon! It can be a simple thing like go to a hotel, or a camp, or more extravagant things like going overseas.


You have a lot of things to consider for the big day. Remember to plan early and have back up plans! We hope this list has helped you think about some of the things you will need to plan!


How To Write Your Wedding Vows

Proposal Marriage Celebrant Sydney

You’re engaged! A huge congratulations to you and your partner. You’re probably getting ready for your wedding and dreamed about saying those memorable words, your wedding vows. Imagine having all your family and friends eagerly hear your wedding vows as you seal your marriage with your special other half. Many people think that they just must simply repeat the magic words from their marriage celebrant. While this is true for legal purposes, you can make it infinitely more special and heartfelt by having your personal wedding vows! Here are 5 tips that we thought would be a great guideline for your vows.


  1. Begin by recalling the first time you met your partner.

This is a great way to start your vows. Recall how that special moment felt when you first laid your eyes on each other and how you fell in love with each other. There is usually one defining moment or a series of moments, which makes it a great storytelling foundation for the rest of your vows.


  1. Talk about how they changed you for the better

Next, briefly talk about some experiences on how your significant other changed you to be better. A popular point is some habits that have changed for the better. This is a great segment to show how much you appreciate your other half. For some couples, this can be a very emotional moment, while for others it can bring out some giggles.


  1. Begin telling some personal and mini promises

Remember what your partner always complains about? This is a timely, and humor-inviting segment where you can promise to do tiny things that you know your partner will appreciate. An example might be “I promise to always let you have the last slice of pizza”. These mini promises always get the crowd laughing and can temporarily stop some tears of joy!


  1. Follow up with authentic romantic promises

In this part, you can tell your partner genuine and romantic vows that you promise to keep. Think about how much you love your partner and some of the most romantic things you always wanted to say. You can say anything that your heart desires, no matter how cheesy it may sound. There is no better time to say them than now!


  1. Finish it off by talking about things you look forward to in marriage

Ever have a list of things you can’t wait to do after you’re married? Perhaps moving in and having children together? This is a great time to talk about what you look forward to in your marriage. A great way to start would be the classic “I can’t wait until …” line. Be sure to always finish this part off by telling them how much you love them and how happy you are that you’re getting married.


We hope this guideline has helped you in preparing for your wedding vows. It is, without a doubt, probably one of the most incredible and intimate moments that you will always remember. Be sure to give yourself plenty of practice before you say them on the big stage!


Six Amazing Wedding Tips for Preparation

Bride Dress Preparation Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Wedding days unarguably involve a lot of planning. This is because there are so many aspects to see to, from attires to food to venues and a marriage celebrant. For this reason, having some wedding tips to guide you through the process is essential.

Serving as a raft to keeps you and your pocket from drowning in a sea of beautiful fabrics, exotic cakes, tasty meals, and luxurious locations, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of wedding preparation tips below!

Choose Your Venue

The very first detail to look into when planning a wedding is the wedding venue. The venue holds everything else, the guests, the decoration, the food, and so on. So schedule a convenient time with your spouse where you can skim through a list of places and narrow down your searches to the most desirable. When choosing your venue, remember to consider accessibility, season, budget, as well as space. Also, deciding whether you want a destination wedding or a home wedding first makes the search easier.

Choose Your Wedding Celebrant

Now that you’ve narrowed down your venue options, the next step is to find and contact a wedding celebrant. A wedding celebrant is who joins you and your spouse in holy matrimony, therefore you want to hire someone you are comfortable with. Questions you should ask marriage celebrants when making your choice should touch on the ceremony time frame and how long it’s expected to take, about your vows recitals, and if proof of ceremony wordings would be made available. A popular trend is to have personalized wedding vows in additional to the legal wedding vows. Personalized wedding vows is where you and your partner can exchange personal promises to each other, making that moment much more intimate and special.

Choose Your Wedding Photographer

The next step is to find and contact a wedding photographer. It is important to choose a wedding photographer that can capture your intimate moment so that it can be memorable in years to come. Be sure to look at their previous works to ensure that their style fits what you like, and that they can capture it a way that reflects the type of vibe you are looking to have on your wedding day. Some photographers also have extras that you can purchase to liven up the party, such as polaroid photobooths! These are extremely popular with your guests and can easily be turned into a photo album with personalized messages on each polaroid.

Choose Your Color Theme and Attires

Your wedding day is one day you’ll always remember, one you want to look back at decades from now and smile–not cringe! Therefore you want to feel and look beautiful on that day. This makes it essential to take your time in choosing the right color theme as well as the perfect dress or suit. Though there currently are countless wedding attire trends in the industry, don’t forget to choose what makes you feel special and beautiful!

Make invitations

Creating a guest list and making invitations go together. So take out some time and decide how big you want your wedding to be and who you want to celebrate with you. Once you have a list, contact a graphic designer and get to work on your invitation cards. If you prefer, you can even make DIY invitation cards with the assistance of your partner or your wedding party. Whichever you choose, keep in mind that it is important invitations go out soon to ensure your guests have sufficient time to prepare!

Choose Wedding Vendors

Vendors help ensure a wedding day unfurls as smoothly as possible, right from the exchange of vows to the end of the reception. Therefore, when choosing your caterers, DJ or live band, and florist, ask for recommendations and make sure to check out portfolios!


The most important part is to make sure you take one step at a time and enjoy every moment of planning. These moments will be the most memorable moments of your life and by implementing each of these tips mentioned above, you can be sure to have a wedding day to cherish and remember!

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